Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Windows Desktop

There's an innovative new piece of professional web marketing software on the market. It's called See You Again Shortcut(tm) and it's guaranteed to drive targeted traffic to your web site, increase your sales, and get your web site power branding.

Here's how it works:

See You Again Shortcut(tm) gives your visitors the power to place your web site icon on their Windows Desktop and Start Menu. This provides your visitors with a one-click way to return to your site -- right from their Desktop -- that is always in front of them. The Desktop provides constant brand exposure for your web site and will increase your targeted traffic and sales!

Here's an important point:

Fortune 500 companies have been using this technique successfully for years and years. But, don't take my word for it. Just take a look at your own Desktop to see that this is true. More than likely you will see AOL, Microsoft, or IBM sitting there. The Windows Desktop is extremely valuable marketing real estate and these big companies know it. For the first time your web site can sit alongside these Fortune 500 companies and start reaping the benefits they have 
exclusively enjoyed!

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