Seattle Quake 2001   v. 1   by Garrett R. Hylltun
  Size: 452 k     Win95 Win98 WinNT    01-Mar-2001
  So maybe you couldn't make it to Seattle in time for our 30 year earthquake bash, or maybe you just want to relive the thrill and rush of it again.. Well now you can just download the earthquake and enjoy it right from the comfort of your own PC! Don't miss out on this highly acclaimed and award winning event! Get a little bit of the fun for yourself. Don't wait another 30 years for the next earthquake bash, just download it to today! Oh, and I will not be responsible for anything that falls off your desk when you use this program. ;-)
  Suppaman   v. 1.05   by Paolo Faccini
  Size: 169 k     Win95 Win98 WinNT    18-Feb-2001
  It is a bird ... no it is too fat, it is a cow... no it is more fat, ... oh no it is SUPPAMAN!! The funniest character from Dr. Slump & Arale Chan is now a screenmante and for the first time in the suppaman life it can fly :) .. on your desktop..
  Turbo   v. 1.02   by P.O.W. Software
  Size: 159 k     Win95 Win98 WinNT    26-Jan-2001
  Turbo (Dr. Slump's son) jokes with your windows. It is a screenmate for Windows 9x/NT/2000. A Virtual boy that stay on the desktop and jokes with you.
  Lama   v. 2.02   by Kobi
  Size: 63 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    25-Oct-2000
  LAMA is a face which looks at the mouse. the diffirent between this program and millions like it is tha abillity to use Skins.
  MicroHof Insult   v. 2.01   by MicroHof
  Size: 224 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    22-Oct-2000
  Mr. Whirlygig is quite a character. He's always shouting insults left and right at anyone he can see. At MicroHof, we've gotten used to his abuses--and now you can too! MicroHof Insult v2.01 lets you experience the slurs of Mr. Whirlygig firsthand with this insult generator for Windows 9x!

  HaHa   v. -   by LizardWorks Inc.
  Size: 9 k     Win95    02-Oct-2000
  Makes all your windows disappear. It makes a copy of the desktop then sits at the top of the z-order. If it starts off as an icon, it will wait a random number of milliseconds before activating. Could also be used to hide what you are working on from prying eyes. As an icon it sits off the screen, just activate it with [Alt][tab]. The system menu and min/max buttons are still in the normal place and can be used.
  Jingle Keyboard   v. 2.1   by Ruslan Khashoumov
  Size: 685 k     Win95,Win98    01-Oct-2000
  This application adds old-fashioned typewriter sounds (and some newer ones) to your keyboard. To those who are familiar with ICQ99, this is very similar to the typing effect there, except it works with ALL Windows applications and has many sounds more.
  eLOL - The Laughing Joke Machine   v. 2.04   by NetCustomize Corp.
  Size: 492 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    01-Oct-2000
  Not getting enough jokes forwarded to you in email from your friends? eLOL (Electronic Laugh Out Loud) is a free tray-based app that delivers text, graphics, audio, and video jokes to you daily from the Internet. You can configure what types of jokes, how many, and what time they should be delivered. (Make sure you check the "clean, politically correct jokes" option if you don't want to get offensive material.) You can rate the jokes that are sent to you, as well as see how many people read the joke and the average "funniness rating." You can easily send jokes to friends, or submit a new joke with the click of a button. Over time, eLOL should learn the types of jokes you like and send them to you. In addition, it supports skins and offers an application to make them. The program's interface is both attractive and easy to use.
  Brick for Windows   v. 1.0   by Andrew Gray
  Size: 1.3 m     Win95,Win98,WinNT    14-Aug-2000
  Stress-relieving freeware utility for Windows 95 or later: a virtual brick that sits in your Start Bar and can be hurled harmlessly through a window in moments of extreme frustration.
* Garrett's Pick! - Just the very nature of this program makes it my pick. How could anyone not want this program?
  Bladder Control   v. 1.1   by Coyne Studios
  Size: 8.5 m     Win95,Win98,WinNT    30-Jul-2000
  Whether its just for laughs or even for revenge - Bladder Control allows you to let off some steam, and have a lot of fun as well.. With Bladder Control you can at last embarrass your colleagues and friends, or make fun of those that you don't like, which is far more fun anyway.

  X-Eyes for Windows   v. 1.0   by JograData & Multimedia
  Size: 106 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    02-Jul-2000
  X-Eyes is a Windows version of the (in)famous X-Eyes for UNIX. It is a pair of eyes which look at your mouse cursor, simple and fun.
  99 Bottles of Beer   v. 1.0   by Ernie Negus
  Size: 9 k     Win95    18-May-2000
  Generates the text to 99 Bottles of Beer, but allows you to modify it to produce some funny stuff. Great for Discussion Forums. Requires VB5 runtimes.
  Insult Writer 2000   v. 2.0   by Ernie Negus
  Size: 12 k     Win95    18-May-2000
  Generates a text file that contains a single sentence containing up to 9999 insults. Great for Discussion Forums! (Warning, contains adult and politically incorrect language.)
  Catskil's Joke-of-the-Day   v. 010   by SnuggleB's Software
  Size: 211 k     Win95,Win98    29-Mar-2000
  If you remember the movie HeartBeeps, then you surely remember the wise-cracking comedian robot, Catskil. Well, he's back, and his jokes are older than ever! You just gotta love this one!
  Gas Gripe   v. 1.00   by RJL Software, Inc.
  Size: 353 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    18-Mar-2000
  Have fun with Gas Gripe! This program will lead you through a series of price comparisons with other liquid products. With the help of a very clean interface, Gas Gripe will have you laughing in your chair as you watch the price per gallon go up with other products. At the end of the program you can interact with other users of Gas Gripe by submitting your state's current gas price. This information will be uploaded to a website and calculated. This truly creates the ultimate interactive experience.Download you copy of Gas Gripe today and make a difference!
  Funny Pad   v. 1.0   by Davy's VB Creations
  Size: 65 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    15-Mar-2000
  The perfect program to drive somebody nuts! It looks just like a neat little notepad but--- When you move the mouse near the save button, the save button moves. When you move it to where the save button moved to it moves back and so on and so forth.

  Nap 'n Coffee   v. 1.0   by Azrael
  Size: 42 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    13-Jan-2000
  Need a break from your computer at the office? You can't very well work at your PC while a program is being installed, right? Nap and Coffee is an ingenious way to create an excuse to get away from your workstation. It displays a realistic small window that makes it look like your computer is installing a new application, defragging your hard disk, performing a virus scan, or executing another time-consuming task. Options let you customize the title bar and progress bar text, set the duration in minutes, display the remaining time, allow for cancellation, and keep the window on top of your desktop. Go ahead -- download and run it -- then get a nap or coffee.
  Ace Talking Jokes & Quotes   v. 1   by GoAce.com
  Size: 846 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    08-Jan-2000
  Choose a joke or quote from the large database. Watch small animated cartoon characters recite jokes and quotes on the corner of your screen. You can even import new ones from the GoAce.com website.
  The Flatulator   v. 2.1   by TabDown Enterprises
  Size: 561 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    07-Jan-2000
  A great gag to play on friends or co-workers! At random intervals (from a few minutes to a full day) the victim's CD-ROM tray will open, the computer will make a rude noise, and the tray will close again. You can also use it on your own computer -- its great for breaking up the monotony of the day! You can set all options with command-line switches or through its built-in GUI. You can determine the frequency of "incidences", gross or G-rated sounds, CD tray operation, or instruct the Flatulator to fire once then exit. The Flatulator runs completely hidden!
  Bacteria   v. 1.0   by Joe Javorski
  Size: 48 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    06-Jan-2000
  In a 1970 issue of Scientific American, mathematician John Horton Conway described a series of simple birth and death rules which, when executed in rapid succession by a computer, can simulate a form of life. Bacteria is an implementation of John Conway's Life algorithm. This program displays the bacteria in an endless variety of interesting patterns which you can create, modify, and save.
  Desktop Dot   v. 1.2   by RJL Software
  Size: 1.7 m     WinNT    05-Dec-1999
  From the far reaches of India comes the ultimate desktop companion! The Desktop Dot is more than just a stupid dot that rests atop your desktop and babbles anything it damn well pleases. It's a companion, a friend, and probably the only creature on this godforsaken planet that truly loves you. It's wit and wisdom is sure to lift your spirits and keep you smiling... especially if you're drunk or on some sort of hallucinogenic drug. But we don't condone that sort of thing. Certainly not.
  Clickme   v. 1.01   by RJL Software
  Size: 127 k     Win95,WinNT    05-Dec-1999
  This is one of those stupid little click me programs. All this program consists of is a little button that is on your screen with the caption of Click Me. When you move your mouse to click the button, it moves somewhere else on your screen. You are not able to ever click the button. This is very stupid but people seem to like these type of programs. The button will always stay on top of your desktop, and will always have focus.
  Cursor Fun   v. 1.0   by RJL Software
  Size: 160 k     Win95,Win98,WinNT    05-Dec-1999
  Cursor Fun will change the current mouse cursor to a user specified cursor. It allows you to choose which Windows cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you would like to swap the mouse cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user, or for those who get bored easily with their desktop.
  Virtual Dragon   v. 1.5   by Pyrames Software
  Size: 3.0 m     Win95,Win98,WinNT    10-Oct-1999
  Looking for a new silicon-based friend? Virtual Dragon is a free pixelated pet that lives in a window on your desktop. Your mission to raise it from an egg to the age of 150, when it will die. Like nearly any virtual pet, it requires interaction to thrive. However, it can survive up to 45 minutes without any care. Three games are included to help keep your pet healthy. Fly lets you control the dragon as he tries to dodge trees and rocks. Hunt is similar to Fly, except you try to eat 10 birds. Finally, Train is a guessing game. You move up and down to a certain position where you think a token is located and then click on another dragon to see if you're correct. Virtual Dragon features nice-looking graphics and clear-sounding audio.
  PENSE   v. 1.0   by CS Software
  Size: 265 k     Win95    25-Aug-1999
  This program is a collection of my favorite quotations. It's great to be placed on the Starup folder, so you get a cool phrase every time your computer is turned on. This way you'll think more about life and expand your horizons. NB.You must go to the author's Y!Geocities site to download this program :(
  CRASHit   v. -   by Andi
  Size: 24 k     Win95,Win98    08-Aug-1999
  Fed up with those annoying unexpected program crashes? Use CRASHit - and YOU decide when your programs will crash!.. You all know the situation.. you've been working on this really important document the whole day. You don't believe in saving too often (that is something for the weaklings) and suddenly! it's there: "this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" Now all you can do is click that OK button and cry into your mousepad. But don't worry, you've just found the solution! CRASHit gives you back the control. You are no longer the helpless victim, sitting in front of your computer, trembling in fear of the next crash. NOW YOU'VE GOT THE POWER (On the other hand, many users feel that the latest Windows versions are too stable. They become nostalgic, thinking about the good old days when crashes were so regular that you could set your clock by it... I have designed the MANIAC/ULTRA VIOLENCE MODE especially for those of you.)
NB: This program does what it says. It crashes programs.