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  • Free Personalized E-mail Address - this full featured free web based e-mail account has all the services of the major services, and unlike many others, is specially personalized. You can customize your login name and the domain! Features 5MB of space, folders, signatures, plus an incomparable privacy policy.

  • Indabox! - Indabox is free e-mail with a twist! They offer a friendly, easy-to-use interface, great service, and a fun little newsletter called "The Gazette".

  • Birddrop.net Free E-Mail - this is a free web-based e-mail account, although it has little to tell you about it's features.

  • VegEmail.com - this site offers you free Vegetarians/Vegans web based e-mail addresses.
  • Offer E-Mail - OfferEmail.com is a free web-based and POP3 email service. You can check your email at any time from anywhere in the world and rest assured that your email is private and secure.

  • Free Womerica Email - Free web-based email, @womerica.com. Full of features such as check POP mail, spam filter, stationary and more. Also has a lot of other good stuff. 

  • Spinfinder Free E-Mail - This is a free web based e-mail account that offers unique backgrounds, many different font sizes and colors, and plenty of space for all of your messages.

  • Dork.com - Free webspace and email, in addition to access to message boards and dorkchat. Other offers, including contests, available through free membership through the site.

  • Another.com - free web based e-mail service, accessible from anywhere, that allows you to create your own email addresses choosing from thousands of domain names. Choose up to 20 addresses all managed from one inbox.

  • About E-Mail - This site will tell you all you want to know about everything e-mail. From online accounts to mailing lists to software, this site has you covered!

  • EmailFever - this site provides free secure and private e-mail!

  • fancEmail.com - fancEmail.com makes sending graphical email a snap. With their customized stationery they add a whole new dimension to your inbox. Sign up for your free account.
  • MoreMail.com - free web-based e-mail for you and your site!
  • JustSayHi.com - Quality single dating free signups, searches, email account with free correspondence! $10.95 for 1 year full service membership is optional!
  • Zombieworld E-Mail Account - Featuring spam filters, the ability to check 13 POP3 accounts from one place, attachment support and a web-based control center, Zombie World has enough features to rival any of the better-known free email services.

  • Ziplip.com - Ziplip is a free, secure, snoop-proof e-mail supplement. No registration is necessary and the service works with your existing e-mail account to make it perfectly secure.

  • Master World Free E-mail - This is a basic free web based e-mail service that offers users folders, custom signature files, and an address book. Users will also be able to create sub folders within folders to make their mail management more systematic.

  • ChickMail - This free e-mail service has an address book, vacation reply, filtering, signature services, and lets you check POP mail through the account. Looks pretty good.
  • Net-Guy.com -  Net-Guy.com now hosts FREE POP & forwarding accounts for anyone! Please visit here to get free internet/computing help also.
  • Starlynx Webmail: Free E-mail Service - "The web based interface is very feature-rich and intuitive. It has the ability to allow the user to change the color scheme of the site. It also includes an address book, folder manager, and a variety of other options such as custom signatures. We also offer some unique features: Users can create an autoresponder for their account, and even have mail sent to their new account forwarded to multiple other accounts. The software we use on the server side is in it's early stages, which means there will be an abundance of new features in the near future."
  • GurlMail - A free e-mail service! You can also make a webpage for free here.
  • Panda Mail - Check and write your e-mail online for free without using large email programs. Great if on the road a lot.
  • Coolmail - CoolMail allows you access to your mail over the web using a full-featured web application, as other free e-mail services, but unlike most services, CoolMail also allows you to hear your e-mail over the phone (for FREE)!
  • Cold Mail - Another free web based e-mail account like Hotmail and Net@ddress.
  • Apex Mail - This new free e-mail service includes auto-responders, forwarding, POP retrieval, address book, blocking etc. They have recently added a reminder service, HTML encoding, and a vacation reply, along with the ability to receive and send attachments, consult the user guide, and see the number of messages in each folder.
  • Hotmail - A free e-mail account owned by Microsoft. This one has an address book, e-mail filtering, organization folders, and more. Very reliable. One of the most popular free e-mail providers. This provider has serious spam problems. If you sign up with hotmail, expect to get a lot of spam, not from hotmail, but from spammers that target the service.
  • Coolmail - CoolMail allows you access to your mail over the web using a full-featured web application, as other free e-mail services, but unlike most services, CoolMail also allows you to hear your e-mail over the phone (for FREE)!
  • ZD Net Mail - ZDNet Mail gives you easy access, security, and a permanent address (even if you change ISPs). It's everything you need in an email account and it's all provided free of charge.
  • Free Stamp - Offers free POP e-mail accounts accessible through normal e-mail clients.
  • Bigfoot - A free email account!

  • Geocities - A free email account, also webpage space. One of the most popular providers of free online services around. Reports of spam problems and unreliable service make this one worth thinking twice about though.

  • Yahoo - Free e-mail account with several strong features. It has features such as vacation response, mail filters, and a quick, easy to use format. Recommended!

  • Starmail - Another FREE e-mail account!

  • Juno - You do not need to have world wide web access but will have to have a 10 megabte program on your hard drive if you don't. Still, a very good way to get your e-mail without having to use the web browser.

  • Mailcity - Another free web-based e-mail account!

  • Lycos E-mail - Get a free e-mail account from the popular search engine.

  • Excite E-mail- Get another free e-mail account from another major search engine. Quite a bit of advertising.

  • My Own Email - Another free e-mail account, with lots of optional services for members.

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