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Make your favorite sites interactive. Upload your favorite sites to the internet and reach them all around the world, in any time, in any place freely.Blink.com lets you access your favorite Web links (also called "bookmarks" or "favorites") wherever you are, whenever you want, from any Internet browser in the world. In less than 5 minutes, Blink creates a free, secure Web account that uploads your existing bookmarks or favorites, lets you sort them into folders, and gives you the tools you need to add new links whenever - and wherever - you use the Internet.

Free 100mb webspace 
You can have completely free 100mb webspace from the internet with filling a simple form.You can use this space as it is your harddrive and can upload all the files you want.You can share these files with your friends and access them from all around the world.All you have to the is to fill a simple form that is completely free.( International )