S-Cool! - Here's our favourite free, searchable revision guide. S-Cool! provides many revision articles, help with CV's, discussions and even recommend student bank accounts. GCSE subjects on the site currently include Maths, Biology, English, Geography, Chemistry and PE. The A Level revision subjects included here are Maths, Sciences, English Literature, Economics and History.

Freeserve Revision - The revision site made by the popular Internet Service Provider, Freeserve attempts to make Maths and other subjects fun. They offer numerous quizzes on each topic and cover Science, English and Maths. All age groups are catered for including younger pupils. The online revision guides are very helpful and you can test your understanding with their small tests.

Sixth Form UK - An excellent resource for those studying for AS/A2 or Vocational A Levels. This site provides free information and has possibly everything you need to know about higher education in the UK. Forget  expensive books, they have in-depth detail about courses and even have some career options. Language students will find their free translator helpful for homework and revision.

Planet Papers - Need a good essay in a hurry? Head over to the Planet Paper Web site and you'll find well over 3000 written-pieces to use for educational purposes. Their directory features essays concerned with various topics, ranging from science, technology and history to literature and religion. If you're currently studying Shakespeare, the dedicated section here is a "must see".

FreeTranslation.com - One of the best (and most popular) free translation Web sites available over the Internet. They offer speedy translations and have a fairly correct grammar database that only slips up occasionally. We've found using short, correct sentences generates a more accurate translation result, particularly when using the German, French and Spanish language.

Dictionary.com - Has a good online dictionary and thesaurus. As well as providing the English version, they also have German, Greek, Latin and Spanish dictionaries. An online translator allows you to translate text and Web pages between English and French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish however, it is not always totally accurate. Features free daily crosswords and puzzles.

Essay Depot - Here's another free essay site, mainly concerned with English, Art, History, Science and Social Issues. Although slightly tacky in appearance, they do provide some well-written essays that you can download free of charge. One of the advantages that we've found though is the number of words within a paper is stated next to its title, meaning you can find the size you need, quickly.

Homework High - Channel 4's Homework High site allows you to ask qualified teachers questions that you don't quite understand. For UK pupils, Maths, English, Science and Geography teachers are on standby to take and answer your emails. Please note that certain time slots have been allocated for each subject, so be sure to check their site for further details. (Recommended)

A-Level Revision - Covers many of the main A-Level subjects in an easy to navigate website. Ideal for brushing up on a certain subject or for finding links to other useful resources. Just some of the subjects that the site covers are Chemistry, Biology, Geography. Students can sign up for a free email address, that's accessible from anywhere. You can register for anything @ a-levels.co.uk.

Topmarks - Aims to provide an alternative approach to traditional learning in the classroom. The site will appeal to children, parents and teachers and has a fast search engine that searches for educational links by age group. The site covers Art, Physics, Economics and many more topics, plus has a useful teachers discussion board, where you can talk about educational topics.

LineOne Learning - UK Internet access giant, LineOne has a popular learning area aimed at GCSE and A-Levels. Here, students can access free online lessons, revision help, exam boards and even search via their speedy search engine for a particular topic. Note: sections of the site are powered by external sources. E.g. GCSE units are provided by SchoolsNet and Sam Learning.

Math Goodies - Mrs. Glosser's site provides students with free, interactive math lessons over the Internet. They've got over 400 pages full of math activities, number games, problems plus some great resources for parents, pupils and teachers. Should you want to discuss the site (or anything else related to math), head on over to their message forums and post a few comments to others.

Learn2.com - Learn2 presents students with a new way to learn. It provides a variety of learning products to suit users of all backgrounds with a complete solution for all of their learning needs. Their online courses include Web-enabled multimedia, CD-ROM's Video and Network deliverables. The Learn2.com directory makes it easy to find relevant forums, tutorials and discussions.

Atlapedia Online - Provides are wide range of facts about countries across the globe and gives you access to an A-Z country guide. Atlapedia Online also has a large collection of world maps with attractive graphics and clip art. Ideal for Geography homework or subjects where knowledge of the world is required. The site is extremely fast loading and simple to navigate your way around.

Schoolzone - Search through 30,000 education resources at the so called, "UK's number 1 education site". Despite the rather cluttered site design, fully qualified teachers have added their input to create a comprehensive and categorised Primary / Secondary school guide. For pupils and teachers, there's free worksheets, homework help, educational games, trips and lots more besides.

GCSE.com - This award winning Web site has a large collection of mathematics and English tutorials for students in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. They provide handy tips, past exam papers, model answers and exam techniques plus syllabuses and downloadable revision notes. The site is updated almost every day and is an excellent resource for exam practice.

Schoolsnet - Schoolsnet is a free online guide to schools and universities in the UK. The A-Z schools guide covers primary and secondary schools in each region, giving in-depth coverage on each individual school. This is the ideal guide for parents who have children starting or transferring schools. They also offer a discussion forum and classroom resources section. (Recommended)

Encyclopedia.com - This site conveniently places an extraordinary amount of information at your fingertips in the form of an online encyclopedia. You can access more than 14,000 articles from the "Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia" and sort your way through an organized A-Z directory to find particular topics. Their handy search function will help you locate subject much faster.

Homeworkhelp.com - This cool domain name has a large, extensive collection of free homework resources and presents its information in a portal-style interface. To get started with the learning, follow the links labeled "free lessons". Here, you will be able to work through the main topics from Biology, Chemistry, English, Physics and Social Studies. Free stuff offers are also featured.

BBC Bite Size Revision - The BBC's revision Web site covers almost every subject under the sun. Maths, German, Chemistry are all covered in great detail and they make use of a nifty program that allows you to test, then mark yourself. Online revision guides are also available and pupils can even email teachers for extra information. Note: recommended for GCSE and A-Level students.