EcologyFund EcologyFund is the largest click-to-donate wilderness site, which protects more wild land in more places than any other. Users can click for free to protect the habitat of endangered or threatened species in 7 countries by over 200 square feet every day. When you register to receive a weekly update, your personal totals are tabulated and we donate from 500 - 2000 additional square feet of Amazonian Rainforest to expand a nature reserve.

Stop The Hunger will provide a meal for one of the 35 million Americans who can't afford to eat.

Peace for All will donate $ .50 cents per visitor per day to refugee relief based on the number of site visitors per day.

Fight Cancer - Visit this site and click on their button to make a Free donation to the American Cancer Society.

Save the Children - Request a free information package on how you can sponsor a needy child that without your help may not survive. Note: This is not a free donation, but is a free informational request.

Free Donation helps several important causes such as AIDS and cancer research, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, vaccines for children and more.

End Cancer Now is dedicated to helping find a cure to end cancer.

Ecology Fund - click on their donate land buttons to make a Free donation of land to each of their four projects

Save the Children wants to send you a Free informational package on how you can help provide vaccinations, basic medical care, education and clothing for needy children. (This is not a free donation, but rather a free informational request about making donations)

iReachOut will donate 10 cents to your selected non-profit organization for every free electronic greeting card you send.

Hungry Children - money received from your clicks will be given to their sponsored child. This is a simple and easy way for you to contribute to helping one child at a time, providing food, medication and any vital necessity for that child.

Help End Homelessness - Make your Free donation to a homeless shelter.

The Hunger Site - Send a serving of food to a starving person and help feed the world's hungry.

Nature Conservancy - Free donations to protect rain forest through the Nature Conservancy.

The Humanitarian Site - Free donations to support international humanitarian volunteer work.

Save Rain Forest - Click on their button and make a Free donation paid for by their sponsors.